2017.12_Good Neighbors. The second edition of the ARC501 (3.5 yr Graduate Program) Design Studio at the School of Architecture and Planning, at the University at Buffalo, gathered 14 different proposals that analyzed the potential design of three houses and three work spaces sharing one single site in the east side of the city of Buffalo, NY. The exhibition took place in Crosby Hall, University at Buffalo - South Campus.

2017.07_UB Cultural Campus in Madrid. Under this title, the 12 students from the Study Abroad Program Spain 2017 presented an exhibition of their work at the end of the program. The 12 projects introduced different approaches to the design of a potential University at Buffalo Campus in the city of Madrid, Spain.

2017.04_Alberto Campo Baeza. Recent Works. The Clarkson Chair in Architecture 2017 was Professor Alberto Campo Baeza, from Madrid, Spain. In addition to the seminars and lecture given by the highly acclaimed architect and academic, his most significant and recent work was the content of an exhibition that took place in Hayes Hall, University at Buffalo - South Campus, as a curating collaboration between Laura Garófalo-Khan, Miguel Guitart and Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster.

2016.09.23_Santa Maria Church and Parish Center. Hayes Hall Grand Opening. As part of the exhibition that was curated at Hayes Hall for the grand opening after years of restoration, the design for the new Church and Parish Center Santa Maria Assunta in Tarragona, Spain, by Gimeno Guitart, was included in the program. Hayes Hall is not only home to the School of Architecture and Planning at the University at Buffalo, but a National Historic Landmark and UB's south campus most recognizable icon.

Miguel Guitart_IMG_3462.jpg
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2016.04-05_Mapping Emotional Perceptions: Between Josef Albers and Mathias Goeritz. Laboratory of Paper. The exhibition displayed a selection of paper models classified under a series of strategies that were developed in a seminar taught by Guitart at the Department of Architecture. The seminar was part of a research conducted by Spanish professor Mara Sánchez Llorens and Miguel Guitart himself. The aim of the course focused, among other aspects, on issues of perception and emotion through tactility and abstraction. The research was awarded a grant from NYSCA through the Van Alen Institute in New York.

2016.05.13-15_The Cube of Memory. Echo Art Fair. The installation titled The Cube of Memory was presented at the 2016 edition of Echo Art Fair, the first one to have an Architecture section, curated by Jordan Geiger. The installation was made with wood, paper and light, and exposed concerns related to the indelible, the passing, and the memory of places, mostly inspired by the loss of genuine industrial heritage in the Rust Belt city of Buffalo.

2016.04_Exhibiting Architectures. Coordinated UB faculty Julia Jamrozik and Miguel Guitart, and curated by UB Graduate student Brian Fiscus, the show displayed a selection of the work produced throughout the different studios from both Architecture and Planning Departments, classified under four different categories: aggregate, grid, linear, and solo.

2015.11_Books/a+p: Recent Faculty Works. In celebration of nine recent publications at the School of Architecture and Planning, among which Architectural Practice II and The Depth of the Skin were presented, an exhibition with material of all nine new books was curated by Professor Jordan Geiger and organized among stalls and shelves at the Architecture Library. The exhibition launch and discussion session was moderated by Chicago-based architect Iker Gil.

2008-2014_JAE Jóvenes Arquitectos de España / YAS Young Architects of Spain. The JAE-YAS exhibition could be considered one of the most relevant efforts of the last decade to select the most representative and promising young architecture offices in Spain, to act as an itinerant show to an unprecedented number of countries around the world. Only 62 teams were selected after a long process, whose work was shown in Madrid at the end of 2008. After that, the exhibition, curated by Jesús Aparicio Guisado and a committee with Juhani Pallasmaa, Alberto Campo Baeza, or Kenneth Frampton, traveled to:

Columbia University, New York (2009.04-05);

Brussels, Belgium (2010.02-06);

the School of Architecture at KTH University, in Stockholm, Sweden (2010.10);

the National School of Architecture Paris-Val-de-Seine, Paris, France (2010.11-12);

the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, Italy (2011.01);

the Cervantes Institute in Chicago, IL (2011.03-04);

the AIA headquarters in Washington, D.C. (2011.09-10);

the Latino Cultural Center, in Dallas, TX (2011.11-12);

the Gerald D. Hines School of Architecture at the University of Houston, in Houston, TX (2012.01-04);

the School of Architecture at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (2012.04);

the Architecture Center in Richmond, Virginia (2012.07-08);

the Cervantes Institute in New York (2012.09); the School of Architecture at the University of Texas, in College Station, TX (2012.11-12);

the CCE Miami, FL (2013.03-04);

the Azrieli School of Architecture and Planning at Carleton University, in Ottawa, ON (2013.04-05);

the School of Architecture at Ryerson University, in Toronto, ON (2013.09-11);

and the Museo Soares dos Reis, in Porto, Portugal (2013.10-2014.01).

2003.03_Architecture as Site. The Kitchen. New York. A design studio instructed by Linda Pollak at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University focused on a proposal for one of the most relevant cultural institutions of Manhattan's west side: The Kitchen. The twelve operations comprised the content for an exhibition that took place at the Kitchen Art Gallery in the Meat Packing District in New York City.